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Boys & BATTLESHIP the movie ... Eye-Yi-Yi!

by jenna posted May 21 2012 11:38AM
Yesterday my husband & son went to see Battleship.  Sure, it's PG 13 & my baby boy is only 8, but I have recently been convinced that "It's better to see it with an adult ..." blah, blah, blah.  Truth is, I enjoy a few hours to myself when I can synchronize the boys going to a movie with my daughter having a play date at someone else's house ;) AND I love that my boys have "a thing" ... superhero movies & the like are what they love to do together.  And as a wife & mom, I ADORE that.

But I digress ...

When the boys returned home, my son was THRILLED!  He loved it!  It wasn't as "super cool great" as The Avenger's ... But it certainly was fantastic for a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Charlie described the movie for a solid 15 minutes.  He TOTALLY enjoyed himself.  

A little while later my husband Brian, a Tomahawk Missile expert for the Navy, quietly shared his feelings on the movie..."it was kind of unrealistic...the USS Missouri, USS John Paul Jones & the USS Samson were fighting a war with aliens...they were shooting 5 inch guns while the main character was right next to it - which would have killed him instantly...they were launching SM2's that looked just like Tomahawks - which they don't..." on & so forth ...

Two things:  #1). It was the use & style of weapons he took issue with as far as credibility, NOT that they were fighting off aliens ...#2) I'm going to download every WKRP in Cincinnati episode and critique every "non-realistic" radio moment...

;). Have a great Monday!
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05/12/2013 11:36PM
Boys & BATTLESHIP the movie ... Eye-Yi-Yi!
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