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by Don London posted Aug 24 2015 2:16PM
You can "tune in" to 101-3, 2WD anywhere in America on, on the Tune In app, or in new cars that now feature Tune In.  I was at a car dealership over the weekend and got a kick out of seeing the schedule and 2WD on the radio.  This is in additon to listening on your radio of course, online at our web site where you click on "Listen Live", at Next Radio and more!  Take us with you where ever you go, on so many available outlets and thanks for listening to 101.3, 2WD!

Don London

by Don London posted Aug 17 2015 11:05AM
Last night, my wife and I saw Lyle Lovett with his "Large Band" at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach.  The show was great and the band was not only "Large", but very talented.  What a great place to see a show too!  Great sound, not a bad seat in the house and close to home!  We love music, any kind of music...

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by Don London posted Aug 10 2015 9:16AM
I was in a sports and outdoors store last week and saw this Disc Gold Set.  This is great fun and perfect to do with friends, family or kids.  There's a course at Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach near Shore Drive.  We've had hours of fun there.

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by Don London posted Jul 14 2015 2:42PM
Here's Beth Bothwell at Churchland Chiropractic Office in Chesapeake, VA not too far from where I grew up in Silverwood.  Beth won six large free pizzas from Salvadore's Pizza in Virginia Beach today.  Churchland brings back a lot of great memories for me.

You too can enter to win free lunch!  Enter at and we'll come by and visit you with free food and more!

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by Don London posted Jun 16 2015 4:19PM
I was following this car last night in Virginia Beach!  Ouch!

by Don London posted Jun 8 2015 11:31AM
Over the weekend, my son Donald went for a long walk along Chick's Beach.  It was another first with his new, perfect vision thanks to Beach Eye Care.  He called me to say "This is so great Dad!  I can see everything so much more clearly!"  He sent me this picture of a Hobie Cat along the water's edge again the clear blue sky!  Take a look for yourself and if you'd like to have better vision, call Beach Eye Care today at 425-5550.

by Don London posted Jun 1 2015 1:58PM
Over the weekened, we took a family fishing trip to the Eastern Shore.  We had a great time, the weather was perfect and we caught a few fish.  We also caught some oyster shells, a glove, a skate (the fish) and three sting rays!  My son Donald was once again verbalizing his astonishment with his new vision thanks to Beach Eye Care!  He can see everything so much more clearly and every day is full of "firsts"!  It's really a joy to have given him the gift of perfect vision.  Check out Beach Eye Care at .

by Don London posted May 19 2015 8:08PM
Everyday, my son Donald mentions how much he loves his vision from Beach Eye Care.  He had a great trip on his vacation before he begins work full time.  This is the first vacation he's been on in a long time without glasses.  Click on for more information on what they can do for you!
by Don London posted May 11 2015 1:14PM
My son Donald is taking his first vacation without corrective lenses!  It's such a joy to hear "Dad, my vision is incredible!.  I can see so clearly!".  Beach Eye Care did such a great job for us.  I had Lasik eye surgery 17 years ago and my vision remains very strong today and now my son can see better than he's ever seen before in his life.  Visit to learn more. 

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by Don London posted May 5 2015 2:34PM
We all had dinner in Norfolk this past Sunday night and I continue to find so much joy in things my son Donald is seeing without glasses for the first time thanks to his Lasik eye surgery at Beach Eye Care.  He says his favorite things to see are trees since he's seeing the detail and depth for the for first time.  He loves basketball and now can see the hoop clearly whereas before he would do his best to aim at the orange box on the backboard and hope for the best.  He's like a small child learning to read for the first time.  It's so gratifying and so touching!
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