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Fire Your Scout, Boys

by Mike Stanz posted Jul 29 2014 5:00AM
Some robbers got more than they bargained for recently when they tried to grab a bank bag from a convenience store clerk in Houston.

The attempted grab happened in the parking lot, but inside the store, another clerk saw the whole thing and jumped to the rescue.

The clerk, much to the surprise of the thieves, is a five-time mixed martial arts fighter champion.

After a flurry of kicks and punches, the thieves jumped into their SUV and took off, leaving one of their accomplices behind.

The MMA clerk kept that guy down until the cops arrived.

Check out the video in the news story – and the best part might be the way one of the store’s customers describes the whole thing.

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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Houston
07/28/2014 9:42PM
Fire Your Scout, Boys
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