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by Mike Stanz posted Oct 30 2014 3:00AM
Jessica Biel is pregnant. At least, that's what the folks at are reporting.

Jessica and her hubby, Justin Timberlake, are expecting a child in another seven months or so - the first for both of them.

Like any good reporter, I had to find another source before reporting this news.

And looky here - had the story six days earlier.

So it's got to be true, right?

I mean, if says so, and then says so without saying that said, so, then it's got to be true.

That's the fourth law of journalism, I believe.

by Mike Stanz posted Oct 30 2014 3:00AM
Miley Cyrus rolled out a new ad campaign, serving as the new spokesperson for MAC cosmetics Viva Glam line.

Check out the ad, which was posted to Miley's Instagram yesterday.

She's selling lipstick and lip gloss.

Other than the brand name positioned in the center of the ad, do you see anything that says, "Hey, I'm selling lipstick and lip gloss" in that picture?

I don't know - maybe the products get photoshopped in after the fact?
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by Mike Stanz posted Oct 30 2014 3:00AM
Investigators are pretty certain they've found a piece of Amelia Earhart's plane.

The aviator disappeared over the Pacific Ocean about 77 years ago, while attempting to fly around the world.

The aluminum aircraft component was found on an atoll called Nikumaroro, somewhere between Hawaii and Australia.

Oh, and the debris from Amelia's twin-engine plane was found in 1991.

Looks like they sent it to the We'll Get Around To It Eventually forensic laboratory.

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by Mike Stanz posted Oct 30 2014 3:00AM

It's an annual adult dilemma: what wine goes best with which candy?

Fret no more - the folks at have come up with the Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy.

Your prayers are now officially answered.
  • Skittles, for instance, go with a dry white or a sweet white.
  • Kit Kats go with sparkling wines or a medium red.
  • A dessert wine goes with just about any sort of candy - which you'd expect.
  • And poor little Sour Patch Kids - they pretty much go with nothing.
Now we know what makes them sour...
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by Mike Stanz posted Oct 30 2014 3:00AM
George R.R. Martin, author of the books that spawned Game of Thrones, showed up on Late Night with Seth Myers the other day.

On the couch with him, Amy Poehler, there to promote her own book - not quite as epic as George's, but still, a literary work.

Amy showed how much she knows about GOT by quizzing George about who uttered certain lines of dialogue.

The results are very, very funny.

by Mike Stanz posted Oct 30 2014 3:00AM
Someone needs to stop Snooki from procreating!


Check out the video she did for US Weekly.

She talks about a lot of things, but key to the conversation is her new daughter, Giovanna.

"Giovanna just turned one month yesterday," Snooki said. "All she does is eat and s--t and sleeps… she just lays there. I think once Giovanna starts to actually move and crawl and run around, that's when s--t's gonna hit the fan."

Doctor Spock must be whirling in his grave...
by Mike Stanz posted Oct 29 2014 5:36AM
Terra and Drake nailed this Dirty Dancing routine and surprised their wedding guests. You'll smile and even get a tear watching them dance. What a beautiful couple!

by Mike Stanz posted Oct 29 2014 3:00AM
Ewan McGregor dropped by The Tonight Show the other night.

And these days, no one can just drop in to The Tonight Show without participating in a bit of some sort.

The chosen activity: a game of charades, Ewan versus Jimmy Fallon, with rocker Jeff Tweedy and basketball great Charles Barkley joining in the fun.

And it is fun. Especially the British versus American banter.

Check it out!
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by Mike Stanz posted Oct 29 2014 3:00AM
Kylie Jenner - the youngest and hopefully the last of the Kardashian-Jenner clan - has declared that she wants the world to stop talking about her lips.

A couple of weeks ago, there was all sorts of speculation out there on whether she'd had plastic surgery to make her lips look fuller and more luscious.

Now, she wants people to "just talk about something new, at least."

Here's a thought: maybe we don't talk about the Kardashians and Jenners at all.

Wouldn't that be heavenly...?

That's Kylie on the right, by the way.


i love you

A photo posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on

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by Mike Stanz posted Oct 29 2014 3:00AM
Pope Francis, head of the Catholic Church, sort of set the Church on its ear this week,

He declared in front of a gathering at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope said that both evolution and the Big Bang Theory are real.

That's the theory that substances collided in space eons ago, setting the universe in motion, not the TV series about the geeks and the blond.

He said that God is "not a magician with a magic wand."

Which sort of takes away the buzz for kids who grew up thinking Harry Potter was God...

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