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Making a sofa table! (?)

by jenna posted Jan 7 2013 11:43AM
When my hour long on-line search for a sofa table turned up fruitless, I decided to make one.  FUN!  With no experience or plan, I jumped in my car and headed to Lowe’s.  

Because my husband is always supportive of pretty much everything I do, I didn’t share my plans with him.  He would have smiled and said something perfect like “That’s what I love about you…you’ll just make one!”  But all the while, he’d probably be thinking:  “Oh God,
Jenna.  Please don’t do that.”

I picked up some 2x2x6’s for the legs (2 inches x 2 inches x 6 feet) … and cut them in ½.  I got some L brackets and leg brackets, some 1x2 inch trim…AND…to avoid having to use the router to “pretty up” the edges of the sofa table, I bought a step (!) for $10!  Yeah – like for stairs.  It was better wood, cheaper, already rounded, and the PERFECT size!!!  Who know, right?

Always a fan of my own double standards, I laid everything out on the family room floor… an offense I would NEVER let my husband commit…but it was so cold outside this weekend!  I made sure I cut the trim to the proper length (leaving a ½ lip around the edge).  Then I attached the legs & placed the table under the mirror when it will reside – just to make sure it’s the right size.  PERFECT!  36” tall, 12 “ deep, 48” long.  FUN!  My handsome husband cut grooves in the trim to set on top of the leg brackets so the legs would be flush with the trim.

THEN…because it’s such a tall table, we cut squares in a 2nd piece of wood (step) to add as a bottom shelf and provide stability.  THEN, I spend about an hour filling in all of the gaps & seams with wood filler (which required a trip to Ace, bc I didn’t think of THAT at Lowe’s) … and that’s where I am so far J  I will prime and paint it today…Black Satin Finish. 

05/12/2013 11:40PM
Making a sofa table! (?)
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