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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 20 2014 3:00AM
This one's an oldie but goodie - I missed it last year, so maybe you did too.

Even if you saw it, it's fun to watch again.

Will Smith and his son Jaden visited the BBC's Graham Norton Show and got a little musical.

Jaden did a little rap while his dad did some beats in the background.

Then Will brought out DJ Jazzy Jeff and the three of them performed the rap theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

And then, a little frosting on the cake as DJ Jazzy Jeff cranked up Tom Jone's "It's Not Unusual." Alfonso Ribeiro joined them, and everybody did The Carlton.

Check it out. It's a lot of fun.

by Mike Stanz posted Nov 20 2014 3:00AM
Put Idina Menzel together in a duet with Michael Buble? Good idea.

Have them sing a classic tune like "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Yeah, that works.

When you make the video? Cast a bunch of kids in big person outfits and settings.

And you might just have the cutest darn video ever. Well, of the year, anyway.

The singing's great - the kids are great too.

And don't worry - Idina and Michael make a quick cameo appearance. Don't blink!

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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 20 2014 3:00AM
Parts of Buffalo and upstate New York were positively buried in a storm some are calling Snovember early this week.

But that doesn't stop the train that is professional sport from rolling, does it?

On Tuesday, the night of the storm, 6200 fans made it out to see the Buffalo Sabres in action.

And now, the Buffalo Bills and the NFL are looking for some help, digging Ralph Wilson Stadium out from under the snow in time for the Bills to play the New York Jets over the weekend.
If you do well, they could pick up your option for future storms and years. Who knows? You could be a Hall of Fame Shoveler at some point in your future.

Meanwhile, if you want to get a sense of what it's like to be in the middle of something like that, check out this drone's-eye view of the event...

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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 20 2014 3:00AM
Looks like Disney's doing it again, but in reverse.

Everyone recalls the classic Disney animated feature, Cinderella.

In March, Disney releases the live action version - with a few updates and some computer-generated tweaks - that looks pretty darn good.

There is magic in this one...

Check out the trailer, and mark your calendar!

by Mike Stanz posted Nov 20 2014 3:00AM
This could be one of the most insane stories you've ever heard.

A pregnant woman from Saskatchewan, Jennifer Huculak, was vacationing in Hawaii when her water broke, and she delivered her daughter nine weeks early.

Mom and daughter spent about six weeks in the hospital in Hawaii, and then headed home.

Mom had Blue Cross coverage, but the insurance company denied her claim, leaving her with a $950,000 bill to pay.

So now, the family is left with three options: continue to fight Blue Cross; declare bankruptcy; or just sit things out to see what happens next.

They could of course hit the lottery. That could help.

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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 20 2014 3:00AM
"Hello, Tyga? There's a reality check waiting to be picked up at the front desk."

Here's one straight out of the pages of Yeah, I Know It's a Law But Not For Me, RIght?

Tyga, the 25-year-old musician, was supposed to play at a club called Greystone Manor in West Hollywood. He begged the club management to allow his 17-year-old girlfriend, Kylie Jenner - one of the offspring of Mamadashian - to attend the show.

The management refused, because it's a 21+ establishment.

So Tyga pull a no-show, managing to tick off a sponsor big time.

Maybe it's a math problem. Who needs to figure out that Kylie has to wait another four years to get into the club because of the laws that govern places that sell booze.

And while we're at it, memo to Kris and Bruce Jenner: a 25-year-old rapper is dating your 17-year-old daughter.

Look for those Parents of the Year trophies, mailed to your separate homes in the next six to eight weeks.
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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 19 2014 10:56AM

These 6 best buds took a fun picture almost 20 years ago in Los Angeles, CA. They were only 10 years old. From left to right: Matt Gruber, Joel Atia, Mykil Bachoian, Kevin Opos, Ben Danon & Aviv Edelstein is in the front.

When they turned 17, before leaving for college, they thought it would be fun to recreate the same pose as a joke.

And, just a few weeks ago, they did it again to celebrate Kevin's 29th birthday. Almost 20 years late. Can't wait to see the next pose boys!

"Best Buddies at 10, 17 and 29 years old," Kevin Opos (second from the right in the back row).

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Location : Los Angeles
by Mike Stanz posted Nov 19 2014 7:13AM
It's official. PeHemworth Brothersople magazine has announced its Sexiest Man Alive for 2014. The envelope, please?

It's Chris Hemsworth, perhaps best-known for playing Thor in the movies based on the Marvel comics superheroes. He was also the Huntsman in Snow White & the Huntsman, and should not be confused with his brothers, Liam Hemsworth (center), of Hunger Games fame or Luke (left), although that's bound to happen.

They're all big and hunky, and arguably Australia's best recent exports. But, when it comes to this award, it looks like the brother with the bigger hammer wins.
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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 19 2014 3:00AM
One of the best ways to watch Family Feud these days is to wait for the silliest clips to make their way to YouTube.

Steve Harvey was on Late Night with Seth Myers this week, and Seth got him to talk about some of his favorite worst answers on the show.

Steve confirms something I've always thought - there's a lot more happening on those shows that we don't see.

I'd much rather see an unedited version of the show - are you listening, HBO? Showtime? Maybe Netflix?

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by Mike Stanz posted Nov 19 2014 3:00AM
Liam Hemsworth was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other night, and fielded some questions from the Twitterverse.

Some of the answers were telling: favorite movie is Titanic; teenage crush was Alyssa Milano; and his high school photo was pretty geeky.

But the best answer: what he really thought about kissing his castmate in The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence.

Watch it for yourself - why should I spoil the fun?

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