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by Barry McKay posted Jan 19 2015 11:54AM
Red Robin, are you out of your mind? No, they aren't! But they do have a crazy offer right now. Get a Red's Tavern Double Burger with Bottomless Steakfries starting at just $6.99! That's a "get out of your kitchen and take the family to Red Robin" price! I recently zipped over to my nearest Red Robin location and ordered up a Burnin' Love burger with jalepeno coins, salsa, and pepperjack cheese and it was slammin'! And our server Megan kept the fries a comin'. Red Robin is the place to go for a great tasting burger! With over 24 different burgers to choose from they have something for everyone! A burger with a slice of pineapple on it? Yep, they have that. Head out today to your nearest Red Robin! Yummmm!
by Barry McKay posted Oct 6 2014 2:27PM
I ran into a listener and we got to talking’ music on 2WD and then she asked me what my ‘drive around and cry’  song was? I was like, huh? She said, you know, a song that represents a time when you broke up with someone or lost someone. Her song is Total Eclipse Of The Heart from Bonnie Tyler after she saw her boyfriend kiss another girl in high school!  I don’t have a song like that but when I hear the song by Paul Davis, I Go Crazy, it does remind me of a girl from high school and I get a little choked up. Luckily, I never here this song on the radio LOL! So please, post your Drive Around And Cry song below!

by Barry McKay posted Apr 1 2014 9:41AM
There is no comparison! My curb appeal more than tripled thanks to Mark at Reitzel Roofing. Mark and his company were professional and super friendly. And they work quick. We love our new archetecual shingles that just made our home pop! Get some great info at
by Barry McKay posted Oct 14 2013 12:42PM
Good news for guys:  Here are four weird things that might actually HELP you attract women:  Body odor . . . scars and blemishes . . . feminine traits like being sensitive . . . and awkwardness. Not everyone is attracted to the same stuff.  In other words. . . . guys . . . something you don't like about yourself could actually be SEXY to someone else.  Check out four weird things that are supposedly huge turn-ons for women.

1.  Body Odor.  Not all women want you to smell like cologne . . . or Axe Body Spray . . . or whatever ELSE you use to smell good.  There's a lot to be said for just smelling like a MAN. Just make sure you're clean and that you showered recently.  You don't want your natural scent to be TOO overpowering.

2.  Scars and Blemishes.  Women are attracted to scars and blemishes because they tell a story.  Any interesting blemish will do the trick . . . a birthmark, a distinctive mole, or a scar on your cheek from when you cut yourself as a kid.

 3.  Stereotypically Feminine Traits.  Yes, some women DO like tough, manly men.  But there are just as many who prefer gentle, sensitive guys who are in touch with their feelings.

 4.  Awkwardness.  Awkward guys get a bad rap.  But not ALL women feel the same way.  Nerdiness has become a more acceptable "thing" lately, and you'd be surprised at how many ladies will like your gawky side.

by Barry McKay posted Aug 23 2013 11:15AM
So how many times a day do you find yourself angry at work? On average, a person in the workplace gets angry on the job twice a day.But what really drives you to the boiling point? I am for the most part,an easy going type guy.It really takes a lot to rattle my chain.And maybe most of you are the same way.But there is always that one pet peeve,well actually at least two a day that turn any Dr Jekyll into a raging Mr Hyde!
According to a recent survey,these are the Top 10 things that really get you fired up at the office.Please feel free to add your own comment if whatever gets your goat is not included in the results.

1.  Other coworkers taking credit for your work.

2.  Computer problems . . . from crashes to the Internet going out.

3.  Rude clients.

4.  Arguments over making the coffee.

5.  Not having time for a lunch break.

6.  The mere fact that it's Monday and the weekend is over.

7.  People talking to you when you're trying to concentrate.

8.  Coworkers gossiping.

9.  The printer not working right.

10.  Coworkers messing up your desk.
by Barry McKay posted Jul 8 2013 11:02AM
A new survey (and there are so many surveys!) asked women what age you should stop wearing some of the younger, sexy fashion choices:  You should stop wearing short shorts at 35 . . . belly button piercings at 35 . . . miniskirts at 37 . . . bikinis at 40 . . . and stilettos at 41.
Do you agree or disagree with this scientific (not) study?

A new survey asked 2,000 women to pick the age when they should stop wearing some of the younger, sexier fashion choices.  Here are the average cut-off ages . . .

Crop tops that show off your midriff age 34
Really short shorts age 35
Belly-button rings and piercings age 35
Leggings age 37
Miniskirts age 37
Bikinis age 40
Stiletto heels age 41
Long hair age 42

But here’s the part I like….16% of women surveyed disagreed with ALL of this . . . and said as long as you can pull it off, there's no age limit on ANY type of clothing.

by Barry McKay posted Feb 27 2013 11:32AM
No disrespect to these guys, I love Bon Jovi, but ya have to give some props to the barnyard!
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by Barry McKay posted Nov 5 2012 11:31AM
Here's a list of the most HATED Christmas songs! Am I missing any? I decided to pull my stocking out of the attic 'cause it won't be long until Jolly Ole St. Nick makes a stop at Mckay-ville! What's your absolute favorite number 1 Christmas song? I still love Andy Williams song, "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"! That song is usually playing right as a fuse blows on my Christmas lights! LOL!


1. Singing Dogs, "Jingle Bells"
2. Beach Boys, "The Man With All The Toys"
3. Spike Jones, "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth"
4. Barbra Streisand, "Jingle Bells"
5. Elmo & Patsy, "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"
6. Cartman, "O Holy Night"
7. Seymour Swine & Squeelers, "Blue Christmas" (the version that features a Porky Pig-soundalike stammering his way through the Elvis Presley standard)
8. Neil Diamond, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"
9. Mannheim Steamroller, "Deck The Halls"
10. Little Jimmy Boyd, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

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by Barry McKay posted Oct 1 2012 11:30AM

Next time your wife wants you to do the dishes, tell her no to SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE.

--According to a new study, the divorce rate for couples who split housework and chores equally is almost 50% higher than the divorce rate for couples where the woman does most of the housework. The researchers say they were surprised at the result.  Quote, "One would think that break-ups would occur more often in families with less equality at home, but our statistics show the opposite."  They have two theories why this happens. One is that relationships might work better when both people, quote, "have very clear roles with lots of clarity.  There could be less [arguments] than if both have the same roles and one has the feeling the other isn't pulling his or her weight." The other theory comes off sounding WAY more sexist.  The researchers say couples that evenly divide the housework are usually more, quote, "modern" couples where the woman works and makes good money. That means she's less financially dependent on her husband like, ya know, women were 50 years ago . . . so she's not afraid to get a divorce.
 > I'm def going to bring this up at dinner tonight?  Do you agree?

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by Barry McKay posted May 16 2012 11:29AM

According to a survey by an office supply company called Banner Business Services, two thirds of us have stolen office supplies at work.  And it costs companies $3.2 billion a year.  Here are the office supplies people steal most often:  

#1.)  Post-It notes
#2.)  Tape
#3.)  Scissors
#4.)  Toilet paper  (???)
#5.)  Copier paper
#6.)  USB memory sticks
#7.)  Notepads.
#8.)  Pens 
#9.)  Staplers
#10.)  Highlighters there anything missing from the list?

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