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Why 50 Shades freaks me out ...

by Jenna In The Moring posted Aug 13 2012 7:56AM

This conversation took place about 2 months ago:

Barry McKay:  "Hey Jenna in the Morning!  You reading 50 Shades yet?"
Me:  "Wuh?  What's 50 Shades?"
Barry McKay:  "Oh.  It's all the rage.  Get it.  Read it."

...and so began this weird thing in my life that I can't seem to get away from...

About a week later, while downloading a Harry Potter book on the Kindle for my son, I remembered 50 Shades and downloaded it as well.

That evening I began reading it, wondering what all the fuss was about...and THEN I got to the part that officially began exactly what all that fuss was about.  O!M!G!  I literally laughed out loud - not because it was funny, but because I was partially shocked by it AND dreadfully entertained that it was Barry McKay, the amazing husband & father of beautiful girls who recommended it.

I looked over at my husband with his noggin on the pillow just smiling sweetly at me and he asked: "Is that the book Barry said to read?" 
"Yes, it is.  Yup."  I replied. 
"Is it funny?  You're giggling."  He smiled.
"Oh, it's a scream.  Let me read you some of it." ... and so I began to read aloud. 

A little while later, a wide awake Brian said "Please, please, please thank Barry for me.  In fact, tell Barry I'm buying him a beer next time we're all out together."

Honestly, we've only gotten through half of the first book.  First, 'cause we're newlyweds. Secondly, with 2 young kids we can only afford ONE guilty pleasure at a time.  Our current guilty pleasure is watching the entire series of Lost ... we're into season 4 right now, and honestly, Jacob, Ben, Jack & John are all the drama we can handle right now.  Christian will have to wait a little while longer.

So what is freaking me out about 50 Shades?  Not only that I think about Barry McKay every time I see it, but that fact that it's EVERYWHERE!  Recently we were at a party at a home in the kind of neighborhood that I will never be wealthy enough to live in ... and a woman looked at her husband and said "Ready to go home hon?"  Her husband looked at us and said "It'll be a good night - she's been reading 50 Shades."  Kinda funny, kinda TMI ... but whatever, that's cool...

Then last week I was doing some work in the front yard when a woman in my neighborhood took a break from her morning walk to chat for a few.  She is the tiniest, sweetest grandmother on the block.  Probably in her mid-70's.  I mentioned that I passed her on the road last week and she said "Oh.  Sorry if I didn't wave.  The library finally got the thrid 50 Shades book on audio book and it's all I listen to when I'm driving."

I was speechless.

She continued to tell me how earlier that week she asked her 20 year old grandson to move her car from the street to the driveway ... and when he returned to the kitchen he said "Grandma!!  What are you listening to?!"  She told me that fortunately, it was only at the part where Christian was just getting out the handcuffs so it wasn't that bad. 

How do you respond to something like that?  I do love her though!  LOVE her!

So, perhaps after we're done with the Lost series, we will begin the 50 Shades series.  Maybe by then it will be out on video :)


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People : Barry McKay
08/13/2012 9:53AM
Why 50 Shades freaks me out ...
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08/27/2012 11:22AM
LOL for real!
I can't stop giggling about the grandma!
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