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New Service Offers Grocery Shopping & Fridge Stocking

Heading to the grocery store to buy your groceries is so 2015, right? There are all of those meal delivery services that send you the box with all the ingredients to make an entire meal. Well, now there is going to be a new service that takes shopping to the next level and it's from Walmart. It's... Read More

Iconic 'Family Matters' Chicago House Will Be Demolished

The lyrics, “It’s a rare condition, this day and age… to read any good news on the newspaper page,” are very true today. The house used in exterior shots of the ‘90s sitcom Family Matters is about to be demolished. Demolition of the house, which is located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood,... Read More

WATCH: Kids Have No Idea What Payphones Are

Here’s a way to start your day: Today’s youth are totally confused by payphones. In the latest Kids React To video on FBE’s YouTube channel, kids are introduced to a payphone, but many had no idea how the “very complex” artifact works. The concept is mindboggling to these kids, raising questions... Read More

RECIPE: Healthy & Tasty Veggie Pizza

Craving vegetables? Need a healthier choice for an appetizer? Simply have some Farmers Market vegetables you need to use up? This recipe is great because you can do almost anything with it. Just choose your vegetables, chop, and go! Watch Chef Cari bring this pizza to life using farmers market... Read More

BEWARE: There's a Netflix Email Scam Happening

There's a NETFLIX scam going around on the web, and you'll want to warn your friends and family about it. The scam is an attempt to steal your banking information. It begins when you receive an email that appears to be from the streaming service directly. It alleges that there's a problem with your... Read More

VIRAL VIDEO: Not All Cats Hunt Mice

Not all cats are good hunters, and this viral video is a reminder of that. Most people, however, believe that if you have a mouse problem that getting a cat can help get rid of them. Personally, I am not afraid of mice. I may jump if one comes out and startles me. But I am the animal lover that... Read More

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Souffles

These lightly sweet and airy autumn soufflés can serve as a special side dish or dessert. Why Try? Here’s a side dish your guests have probably never had before. They’re going to want your recipe! Ready to see how it’s done? Check out the video right here: PREP TIME: 15 minutes | COOK TIME: 25... Read More