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by Don London posted May 19 2015 8:08PM
Everyday, my son Donald mentions how much he loves his vision from Beach Eye Care. He had a great trip on his vacation before he begins work full time. This is the first vacation he's been on in a long time without glasses. Click on for more information on what they can do for you!
by Don London posted May 11 2015 1:14PM
My son Donald is taking his first vacation without corrective lenses! It's such a joy to hear "Dad, my vision is incredible!. I can see so clearly!". Beach Eye Care did such a great job for us. I had Lasik eye surgery 17 years ago and my vision remains very strong today and now my son can see better than he's ever seen before in his life. Visit to learn more.

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by Don London posted May 5 2015 2:34PM
We all had dinner in Norfolk this past Sunday night and I continue to find so much joy in things my son Donald is seeing without glasses for the first time thanks to his Lasik eye surgery at Beach Eye Care. He says his favorite things to see are trees since he's seeing the detail and depth for the for first time. He loves basketball and now can see the hoop clearly whereas before he would do his best to aim at the orange box on the backboard and hope for the best. He's like a small child learning to read for the first time. It's so gratifying and so touching!
by Don London posted Apr 28 2015 10:31AM

Join Dr. Folck in Virginia Beach this Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm for Dentistry From The Heart. They're providing dental care for people that can't afford it on this special day!  

by Don London posted Apr 20 2015 9:51AM
Beach Eye Care did it again!  They did an amazing job with my son Donald III on Friday afternoon.  The staff was so professional, they walked us both all the way through the process, and it was all done in about 20 minutes!  It was such a joy to hear my son responding to all the new things he can see now without glasses.  He was like a little boy who just learned to read.  You should have seen his face light up!  You know there's nothing more a parent wants than to do all they can to help their child, especially in today's world where young adults need all the help they can get to get a good start in life!  Call Beach Eye Care for a free consultation at 425-5550 and visit for more information.

by Don London posted Apr 13 2015 9:58AM
We celebrated Donald's last birthday last night with glasses!  This Friday, he's receiving lasik eye surgery at Beach Eye Care.  He's worn glasses for many years and he has had trouble seeing at the beach, on a snowboard, and during other times when it isn't convenient or practical to wear glasses.  Your first consultation is free at Beach Eye Care.  They really put Donald and I both at ease during his exam.  The team at Beach Eye Care is so professional, friendly, and thorough!  Donald can't wait to see clearly without glasses!  This Friday is the big day!
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by Don London posted Apr 7 2015 10:45AM
My son Donald III is getting Lasik Eye Surgery from Beach Eye Care!  He is more than excited!  He's worn glasses since he was a young boy.  This is a dream come true for Donald.  I had the same procedure 17 years ago and I'd trust Beach Eye Care to do the same on my friends and family!  I'll keep you posted on the process.  Beach Eye Care really put Donald at ease yesterday and answered all of our questions.  Here's to perfect vision!
by Don London posted Mar 23 2015 9:17AM
Here's the generous donation to Indiana University from John Mellencamp. The result of a little ditty 'bout Jack & Diane. John lives near Bloomington, IN, the home of I.U.

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by Don London posted Mar 9 2015 2:10PM
Over the weekend, I was a judge at the Girl Scout's annual Samoa Soiree at the Half Moon in Norfolk.  19 restaurants and caterers competed for Best Presentation, Best Overall, and more!  It was a great fundraiser for a great group of people.  Thank you for having me!

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by Don London posted Mar 3 2015 5:26PM
2WD was proud to accept this award from Farm Fresh this week for our participation in the Farm Fresh Round Up campaign to benefit CHKD.  Pictured left to right are:  Micky Nye, Don London, Natalia, Barry McKay and Mark Merrill.  Please "round up" again this Spring at all area Farm Fresh locations to help the kids at the Children's Hospital Of The King's Daughters.

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