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by Don London posted Oct 16 2014 5:38PM
Last week, my wife and I went to New York City and while we were there, a friend of mine whom I've known for 25 years, offered to introduce me to one of my boyhood inspirations. A legendary disc jockey from one of the biggest radio stations of all time. His name is "Cousin Brucie". I spent countless hours at home and in the car listening to "Cousin Brucie" and even back then I said to myself, "someday I'm going to be a dj on the radio and play music on the radio".
by Don London posted Oct 6 2014 3:48PM

Last night, I saw Lisa Fischer perform in Virginia Beach. Lisa won a Grammy Award in 1991 and is one of the most successful session, background vocalists of all time. She has performed as a solo artist, also with Luther Vandross, Tina Turner and she's on tour again this Fall and Winter with the Rolling Stones. Lisa was one of the real life talents featured in the award winning documentary film "Twenty Feet From Stardom". Needless to say, it was a great show! Don

by Don London posted Sep 23 2014 4:33PM
My wife and son and I went to Bloomington, IN last weekend to visit my parents and my sisters.  There’s a burger place in Bloomington, a college town, called Bub’s Burgers.  They have a burger called the “Big Ugly” which is 22 ounces before cooking and 16 ounces after it’s cooked.  If you eat the whole thing, you get your picture on the “Wall Of Fame”.  Some hungry customers have eaten four in one sitting.  That’s pretty nasty.  Here’s my son Donald with his cousin Kristin before and after the “Big Ugly”.  You can see my son’s picture on the wall after he completed his mission!
by Don London posted Aug 18 2014 12:12PM
Last Thursday, my co-workers and I were all at area Dairy Queens helping to raise money for the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters!  It was Miracle Treat Day at all Hampton Roads' DQ's and a dollar from every Blizzard sold went to CHKD!  A great cause and great fun!  Thanks to everyone who came out to donate!  Don.
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by Don London posted Aug 4 2014 10:13AM
Over the weekend, I went to one of my favorite places to eat while wearing a t-shirt from another one of my favorite places to eat!  What's your favorite spot?

by Don London posted Jul 14 2014 10:59AM
My parents had a General Electric console stereo similart to this when I was a kid. I was exposed to their music on records and on the radio and acquired my own tastes in music soon after. I've loved music ever since I can remember and still do today. This classic piece is at the Prince Ink Company in Hampton.

by Don London posted Jun 2 2014 12:01AM
            Last night, my wife and I saw Don Felder, Foreigner, and Styx at the Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach.  It was a great show.  Foreigner and The Cars was my first concert when I was a Junior in high school and had just gotten my driver’s license on my birthday a few months earlier.  They performed together at Pine Knob Music Theater which is now the DTE Energy Music Center in Clarkston, Michigan.  “Feels Like The First Time”, “Cold As Ice” and “Long, Long Way From Home” were played on countless radio stations in the Detroit area where I was growing up at the time on WXYZ, CKLW, WDRQ, WABX, WRIF and W4 (WWWW) and all over the world.  I knew as a young boy that I’d someday be playing music on the radio for a living as a d.j. and have played and programmed Foreigner and Styx songs thousands of times since.  Foreigner went on to sell four million copies of their self-titled, debut album and have sold over 80 million albums worldwide.  I wonder how many of today’s groups will still be selling 10,000 plus concert tickets when our children are our age in 30 or so years from now.  Here’s a picture of Foreigner on stage that I took at the show.  

by Don London posted Feb 13 2014 2:30PM
Kellam Mechanical did a great job for us last month when they installed our new furnace and ac unit.  Don't get left in the cold this winter!  Call Kellam Mecahnical at 430-0358.  Tell 'em Kellam!  

by Don London posted Feb 13 2014 2:24PM
Kellam Mechanical did a great job for us last month with our new ac unit and furnace.  We got it just in time to stay warm this winter!  Call 'em before you're out in the cold!  430-0358.  They specialize in serving the Southside.  Tell 'em Kellam!

by Don London posted Jan 23 2014 3:26PM
The team at Kellam Mechanical did a great job for me on my new AC unit and my new furnace. I got it just in time too! Here's a pic of the new unit and a pic of their carpet protection. Wow! Tell 'em Kellam! 430-0358. They specialize in serving the Southside. Don London.

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