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by Mike Stanz posted Apr 21 2015 3:00AM

Imagine you're an 8-year-old kid taking an official school photograph.

And imagine the photographer showing you the picture on the screen of his camera.

There's a guy in the shot behind you, and he looks like...


That's exactly what happened to Joshua Bass when his dad returned from a year-long deployment overseas.

Dad photobombed Joshua's picture, and watch what happened...

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

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by Mike Stanz posted Apr 21 2015 3:00AM
Bad enough that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo struggles year after year under center for America's Team.

On Sunday, he showed up at the Academy of Country Music Awards show to introduce Dierks Bentley.

But before he got to that, he had to do a little schtick with hosts Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan.

Watch the video, and tell me you wish you hadn't.

The crowd loved the ball jokes, deflated and otherwise, which just proves that the beer was flowing in Dallas Sunday night...

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by Mike Stanz posted Apr 21 2015 3:00AM
Jay Z's new streaming music service Tidal launched about a month ago.

Last week, they threw the company's chief executive officer overboard - one of 25 people laid off.

After a month.

The official word is that the company is "streamlining resources to ensure talent is maximized to enhance the customer experience."

A "handful of positions" were eliminated, allowing the company to refocus on departments that need support and to "cut redundancies."

Word is that Jay Z and other of the service's top names have been personally calling subscribers to thank them.

That doesn't sound desperate at all...

by Mike Stanz posted Apr 21 2015 3:00AM
You knew it would happen.

Following the less-than-impressive drop of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer over the weekend, you knew that folks would start having their fun with it.

This one happened sooner than I thought it would though.

An enterprising YouTuber took the audio of the real trailer, and mashed it up with video from the original Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve and the old Batman TV series starring Adam West.

And it is funny. Super funny.

by Mike Stanz posted Apr 21 2015 3:00AM
People wondered why Miley Cyrus was asked to induct Joan Jett into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday night.

Afterwards, they were just wondering what happened to the rest of her top.

In typical outlandish Miley fashion, she wore a top with the breast areas removed - maybe designed to be missing, who knows.

And to cover up her sensitive areas, a pair of pink heart-shaped pasties with a J on them.

J J - for Joan Jett, get it?

Here's a full recap of the Miley Joan moments.

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by Mike Stanz posted Apr 21 2015 3:00AM
Scientists have found a new species of frog in Costa Rica: the Glass Frog.

It's an amazing little amphibian, with a translucent belly that allows one to see its internal organs.

Of course, folks in the mainstream media have to dumb it down, so what does this new frog resemble.

Why Kermit, the Muppet frog, of course.

And leave it to Matt Lauer to put the icing on the dumb-down cake: "How convenient to be able to see all your organs, you know what's missing..."

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by Natalia posted Apr 20 2015 4:20PM
This ex made a MUSIC VIDEO about his break up! Check it out...

by Natalia posted Apr 20 2015 4:15PM
This is pretty cool! I hate doing laundry...but this is super neat!

by Don London posted Apr 20 2015 9:51AM
Beach Eye Care did it again! They did an amazing job with my son Donald III on Friday afternoon. The staff was so professional, they walked us both all the way through the process, and it was all done in about 20 minutes! It was such a joy to hear my son responding to all the new things he can see now without glasses. He was like a little boy who just learned to read. You should have seen his face light up! You know there's nothing more a parent wants than to do all they can to help their child, especially in today's world where young adults need all the help they can get to get a good start in life! Call Beach Eye Care for a free consultation at 425-5550 and visit for more information.

by Mike Stanz posted Apr 20 2015 3:00AM
This is sort of cool - pun unintended.

Senator Pat Roberts was questioning a witness at a Senate hearing on Thursday, and in the middle of the testimony, his cell phone rang.

His ringtone? "Let It Go," from Disney's Frozen.

The senator earned a few chuckles as he turned off the phone and told the witness to just "let it go."

Funny stuff... Check out the video, and the senator's follow-up tweet.

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