Jenna Kehoe


Jenna is a thirteen year veteran of Hampton Roads morning radio!  Jenna has been the host of "Jenna in the Morning" on 101.3 2WD for five years.  She is smart, sarcastic, spontaneous, laugh-out-loud funny and no-nonsense!  Her smartest friend (Basil, a real live rocket scientist!) decided: “Jenna’s greatest challenge in life is learning to keep her internal dialogue, well, internal.”

Ten year old Charlie and eight year old Theresa call her “Mommy” – they are smarter than her, funnier than her, they run her ragged and pretty much call the shots.  Her husband Brian, a retired Chief Fire Controlman, is clearly the most patient, tolerant man on the planet.  And we must admit, extraordinarily handsome.   Marsha Brady would, without a doubt, consider him “super dreamy”.

Tune in Mon.-Fri 5:30am-10am.


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