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Natalia Soniak was born in 1982. Natalia currently lives in Virginia beach. Before that, she lived in Northern Virginia. She now lives here with her husband Joe and her children, Virginia beach, VA from 2005 to 2014.

Born- Fairfax, VA! NoVa- and no, that doesn't mean I'm a "snob". What's up with the stigma of Northern VA?

Education- Christopher Newport University Graduate. Majored in Comm and Minored in Religious Studies. That's where I met Biggie!

Job description- Professional Blabber. I get to talk to YOU for 5 hours a day on the radio!

Favorite time of day/why- Evening! I get to go home, snuggle with my honey, and spend time with my babies!

Happiest childhood memory- The summers when we would go to California to visit my Aunt (mom's sister) for weeks at a time. She had a pool, jacuzzi and tons of land for us to run around on. We would take walks everyday and pick blackberries which would then be used in our pancakes the next morning. We'd also go feed the horse (carrots and sugar cubes) down the street from her house. So many wonderful memories from those Summers.

Favorite vacation spot- So far Bermuda! It is a gorgeous island...that or Italy. So much history, art and amazing food.

What scares you- Not pleasing the Lord. Sometimes I feel like I just can't get it together. Frustrating.

Favorite colors together- Browns and blues. It's soothing!

What are your future goals- Being a Great mother! Continue help be successful. I know, vague, but I am still trying to figure it all out!

What are you listening to- You don't want to know. Some song describing some sort of sexual act on a girl that you meet at the club. Ah, got to love Z104 music.

Favorite place to eat out- Havanna's! I prefer the one on Shore Drive for its ambiance. They have THE best nachos!

Who would you love to meet (living or dead)- Oprah or my ancestors.

What major decision are you figuring out in your life- With weddings come change. We're trying to figure out what our next step is after the Big Day. Buy a house? Change locations? New car? There's a lot to think about!

At 5:00 pm what you doing- Packing up and heading out of work! Wahoo!
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