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by Barry McKay posted Mar 31 2014 9:10PM
There is no comparison! My curb appeal more than tripled thanks to Mark at Reitzel Roofing. Mark and his company were professional and super friendly. And they work quick. We love our new archetecual shingles that just made our home pop! Get some great info at
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by Natalia posted Mar 28 2014 12:11PM
A for effort...F for the final looks! I would never trust my husband, Joe to do my make up! I am sure I would end up looking like a crazy clown!!

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People : Joe
by Natalia posted Mar 28 2014 12:07PM
These poor dogs are so confused by Magic...yes, Magic! Check out their reactions. Super cute and funny!

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by Natalia posted Mar 21 2014 10:41AM
Decided to sing Avicii, Wake Me Up...acapella & sound effects with his mouth, ONLY! Check it out!

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by Natalia posted Mar 21 2014 10:36AM

This guys is incredibly talented! He decided to sing Katy Perry, Dark Horse as 20 other famous artists!!! What did you think of his video?
by Natalia posted Mar 21 2014 10:33AM
Boston bombing victim, Adrienne Haslet-Davis returns to dance...check out the inspiring & moving!!!

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Location : Boston
by Natalia posted Mar 14 2014 10:56AM
In the end...I would have given him a cupcake too! This video is just too awesome not to share! "Linda, honey...listen!"

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Topics : Human Interest
by Natalia posted Mar 6 2014 2:56PM
Kudos to her for standing up for what she believes in!

by Natalia posted Mar 6 2014 2:52PM
A soldier on deployment meets his little bundle of joy for the first time! Seriously, hats off to the men & women who serve our country!

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