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by Natalia posted Apr 28 2014 3:48PM
Watch this video. I can promise you that these people are having a worse day at work than you are! (I know, Mondays are no fun! I have to admit I giggled a little at some of these folks!)

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by Natalia posted Apr 28 2014 3:36PM
A Dad finds out that his daughter is pregnant...and his reaction is just too SWEET! Seriously, I was tearing up! Does this mean I am totally an emotional mess?? Wait...I think I already know the answer to that question...

by Natalia posted Apr 18 2014 9:37AM
Check out some of these Myths about working out!

by Natalia posted Apr 18 2014 9:33AM
Grab the tissues...and then go hug your Mama! Love this video...

by Natalia posted Apr 11 2014 1:14PM
I really am not sure what to make of this parody of the song/movie. It's part awesome, part weird, and just part...uhh...I'm not sure. You check it out & be the judge!!

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by Natalia posted Apr 11 2014 12:56PM

To this AMAZING man! My husband turns the big 3-8 on MONDAY! We've been together 7 and a half years...married 5...beautiful children...he is my rock, my best friend, and soulmate. I am so thankful and grateful for him. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever encountered...and he has a beautiful soul. He is willing to do anything & everything to help people in need...and he puts up with my crazy shenanigans! That's a blessing in itself!! Right, babe?! We've had some crazy things that life has thrown our way over the last few months...but we have grown together and become closer than ever. I am thankful for trials. They really help the soul, spirit and mind to grow...along with relationships. Anyway, as we say in Ukrainian, "Mnohaya Lita!!" I hope your day is filled with joy & love, my sweet Fluffy. (Don't joke him on the nickname...I gave it to him many moons ago!)

Now...some cute photos of my little dudes. They totally adore Daddy because he does cool things like work at the fire station, drive a big truck (or cwuck as my youngest would say) and he knows how to operate a leaf blower & mower! (What is it with boys and their obsession with machines!?) 

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by Natalia posted Apr 3 2014 3:22PM
Kids keep you on your toes! They are curious like cats...and end up in quite some predicaments! Check out the video!

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by Natalia posted Apr 3 2014 3:04PM
Say whaa?!?!? The Pringles creator was cremated and placed in a Pringles can!? 10 foods you will NEVER look at the same again!

by Barry McKay posted Apr 1 2014 9:41AM
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