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by Natalia posted Sep 29 2014 4:43PM
Shaggy, Mrs. Shag, myself & some other people at the radio station did the Dirty Dash on Sunday! We had a lot of fun doing it...but I have to admit that I am in PAIN today! Lots of things to climb under, over, crawl through...and just get plain DIRTY! Here's the before picture:
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by Natalia posted Sep 23 2014 5:18PM
So in one of my blogs I mentioned that we went to a carnival that was set up across the street from our house on Friday night. Wellllll....we drive by that bad boy morning & night during our commute! Since Friday Joseph has BEGGED to go back. Joe was working last night until 7 at the fire station and I figured I would spoil my dudes & take them back! Got there and WOMP WOMP it's closed for Monday & Tuesday! Joseph was bummed but I think our impromptu drive to Wendy's for fries & a little frosty did the trick. We stopped by the playground at the front of neighborhood & ate...played...ate some more and then wrapped up the night! I cherish these moments with my guys! PS: How HANDSOME are they!? I know I am biased.

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by Don London posted Sep 23 2014 4:33PM
My wife and son and I went to Bloomington, IN last weekend to visit my parents and my sisters.  There’s a burger place in Bloomington, a college town, called Bub’s Burgers.  They have a burger called the “Big Ugly” which is 22 ounces before cooking and 16 ounces after it’s cooked.  If you eat the whole thing, you get your picture on the “Wall Of Fame”.  Some hungry customers have eaten four in one sitting.  That’s pretty nasty.  Here’s my son Donald with his cousin Kristin before and after the “Big Ugly”.  You can see my son’s picture on the wall after he completed his mission!
by Natalia posted Sep 22 2014 2:59PM
A little carnival was set up in the Fairfield Shopping Center on Friday so we met up with our friends Molly, Jeremy & Trenton. The boys had a blast & have begged every day since then to go back! Love our little dudes.

Joe was NOT loving the helicopter! Look at that face...but what a great Dad!
by Natalia posted Sep 19 2014 4:15PM
Where you just don't feel like doing your hair!? At least I put on some decent clothes & make up...right?? Lazy Friday to a LONG but FUN week! I declare it MESSY BUN FRIDAY! Woot woot! Have a great weekend! Thanks for listening & hanging withus Z104 kids!

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by Natalia posted Sep 18 2014 4:06PM
Joe, myself, Shag & Mrs. Shag got the opportunity to see Sam Smith in concert in DC on Tuesday night. He was AMAZING live! Super nice...and SUPER tall! Echostage is much like the NORVA in terms of venue. We had a blast!
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by Natalia posted Sep 8 2014 4:40PM
I've heard this song a few times now...and now I am HOOKED. Mr. Probz, Waves. Check, check, check it OUT!

by Natalia posted Sep 8 2014 4:25PM

Thanks to Love Dollhouse & everyone who came out to Ocean Breeze this past weekend. The girls were incredibly nice & we had so much fun with everyone at the water park! Especially the "Dad Dance Off"! That was HILARIOUS.

by Natalia posted Sep 8 2014 4:15PM
I totally laughed through this entire video. Nailed it! This is SO Joe & I!

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